Iranian "Blogfather", Hossein Derakshan, Is Free!

Internet Without Borders welcomes the news on the release of journalist and Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan. Imprisoned since November 2008 because of his use of Internet as a mean to communicate his opinions, as early as 2002. Known as the "Blogfather", Hossein Derakshan's arrest was a symbolic case of net freedom for the community of Internet Without Borders.

Iranian "Blogfather", Hossein Derakshan, Is Free!
Hossein Derakhshan will return to his family and resume his life where it stopped when he was arrested one morning of November 2008 in Tehran. He was serving a 19 years prison sentence since 2010. The head of Iranian government decided to reduce the sentence and ordered his release.

Hossein Derakhshan, considered a pioneer of the Iranian new information online, was sentenced to 19 years in prison by the Revolutionary Court  of Tehran . As an editor, Hossein Derakshan's activity accelerated and gave considerable advance to a generation in Iran, in the use of new technologies as a means of communication of thoughts and opinions.

The court found him guilty of Understanding with governments hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran, dissemination of anti-Islamic and anti-revolutionary propaganda, blasphemy. 
Many supporters around the world have expressed their indignation against his arrest. Thousands of people had signed a petition initiated by our organization, and participated to the memory of this unjust and unnecessary arrest on a Facebook group moderated by our organization. 

Internet Without Borders welcomes the decision of the Iranian government.

Vendredi 21 Novembre 2014
Archippe Yepmou
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