Internet Sans Frontieres lodges a complaint against Facebook on Privacy

The protection of personal data and information of Internet users is a guarantee of the freedom of expression of these users. The existence of a distinct private sphere, and the related symbols of ownership, allow the citizen to control his identity for a better participation to the public debate.

Internet Sans Frontieres lodges a complaint against Facebook on Privacy


Internet Sans Frontières (Internet Without Borders) is attached to the preservation of personal data from digital spaces. It is in this double aim that our organisation decided to file a complaint before the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) against the company Facebook inc. for violating French and European law related to the social network’s users’ personal data.

It is estimated  that more than 20 million French citizens and 200 million Europeans possess a Facebook account. One can fear that the personal data of these millions of citizens are not only subject to a disloyal collecting but also to a use which will in the mid-term endanger the edifice of individual liberties and will undermine the one of the protection of freedom of expression and opinion of users.

The investigation lead by our organisation proves that Facebook, by using different instruments, and without warning its users, made up a biometric file of millions of citizens, and tracks identified individuals. The company collects and automates the data processing of the activity of its users, even when the latter are disconnected from their Facebook account.

Internet Sans Frontières (Internet Without Borders), by the agency of its lawyers, Madam Merav Griguer and Sir Oury Chouchana, filled this first complaint with a view to obtain the amendment of the platform’s operating rules, regarding the collecting and the processing of its users’ personal data.

Attached: a copy of the complaint (Fr)

Archippe Yepmou

President of Internet Sans Frontières

Lundi 28 Novembre 2011
Archippe Yepmou
Archippe Yepmou a rejoint Internet Sans Frontières en Janvier 2008. Il a d'abord été directeur des... En savoir plus sur cet auteur

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