Gambling On Our Personal Data ?

Our personal data have value. This is what financial markets have evaluated about the IPO of the U.S. company Facebook. For Internet Without Borders, the issue is less about the potential for the creation of new uses and enrichment that our personal data already allow, than about the compliance with rules governing their exploitation, destination, and the rights of individuals who hold them.

The economy of personal data is a social fact today. Actors of the digital economy are already creating new services around their uses. On Wednesday, May 23 2012, Google will meet (fr) the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), a meeting part of the European survey covering the new privacy policy of the company's search engine.

Our role at Internet Without Borders is more than anything to alert the citizen, the user-contributor of online services, on our concerns and consequences that may result in the violation of personal data. The social and legal issues that their use outside the strict framework of the French and European laws deserve a public debate.
The need to mobilize citizens to enforce those rights is also very actual, as we are reminded by Cédric Manara (fr), Professor of Law at the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) and EDHEC in this interview for the site of Legal news magazine Dalloz (fr):

Today, Internet Without Borders calls for the constitution of an electronic union whose aim will be to raise awareness and introduce the public debate on personal data.
We chose, as a symbolic place for this call, the physical location of Facebook's headquarters in Paris.

Vendredi 18 Mai 2012

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